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Woney was born with a clear mission in mind - to democratize financial well-being in Brazil. Our company is the embodiment of the idea that everyone, regardless of their background or context, deserves access to a healthy and prosperous financial life. We believe that technology can be the driving force for this change, and we are determined to create solutions that empower every individual to take control of their finances.

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Product context

Excellence and simplicity are at the core of everything we create. The Woney app is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and sound financial knowledge. We offer our users a simple and efficient platform where they can learn about finances, manage their financial emotions, and access a variety of powerful tools. Our goal is to empower our users to achieve a healthy and prosperous financial life, making the path to financial well-being an accessible and uncomplicated experience.


Woney is a mobile application focused on providing high-quality financial education, applying gamification and the Pocket Education methodology, where in just a few minutes of your day, you can learn about finances. The content is exclusive and created by professionals in the field of personal finance. The app also provides a variety of tools to help users apply what they have learned in the modules, from budgeting to even knowing which investment brokers in Brazil are legalized by the government (In Brazil, scams involving fake brokerage firms have grown significantly in recent years, so we provide this type of tool to help our users avoid falling victim to scams). We strongly believe that emotions play a crucial role in how we handle money, so we've created an emotional diary where users can record their feelings and their causes to gain insight into the emotional triggers that lead to impulsive spending.

Screenshot of the gamification feature in the Woney app

Experience the power of gamification with Woney! We've integrated gamified elements into our platform to make your financial journey not just informative but also incredibly engaging.

Screenshot of the pocket education methodology in the Woney app

Learning from Woney is quick and easy; you can learn about finance anytime and anywhere. You can complete a lesson in just a few minutes.

Screenshot of the tools feature in the Woney app

Discover the path to financial well-being with our comprehensive toolbox! Our calculators, simulators, and other solutions are ready to assist you on this journey.

Screenshot of the diary feature in the Woney app

Your emotions say a lot about how you will behave financially, and that is something important to us! We have an emotional diary where you can record your feelings and track how your emotions are and their causes.

Screenshot of the diary feature in the Woney app

Don't waste any more time! Download the Woney app right now and start your journey towards financial well-being. It's free forever and available for iOS and Android. Transform your financial life today!

My journey there

As the CEO and founder of Woney, my role is versatile and dynamic. I wear many hats within the company, helping out across various areas to maintain a delicate balance and make well-informed decisions. Woney operates as a lean startup, boasting a small but dedicated team. In addition to overseeing the business and its operations, I'm deeply involved in the development of our app. This hands-on approach not only reflects our commitment but also ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of financial technology.

Closing thoughts

My journey with Woney has been an utterly indescribable experience. As a software developer with over a decade of experience, I had never ventured to build a company from scratch before. This challenge has brought an exciting twist to my career and takes me out of my comfort zone every day.

What makes this journey even more thrilling is the absence of a step-by-step manual for creating a startup. Discovering what needs to be done while already immersed in the action is incredibly challenging but also extremely rewarding. Resilience has become my constant companion.

I'm delving deep into every aspect of a business, learning its inner workings hands-on. This experience has provided me with professional growth that I would never have gained working in a conventional company.

My determination and willingness to face each challenge are fuels for Woney's ongoing success, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

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