My mission is to push the world forward by creating a bridge between people and technology.

My name is Vinnicius Gomes, a software engineer passionate about traveling, finances, mountain biker, and reading. I'm years old, married, and based in São José dos Campos, São Paulo.

I started in the developing world in 2012, learning to program by researching the internet. At only 12 years old, I developed my first website, since then, I never stopped. In 2017, I started my bachelor's degree in computer science, and I fell in love even more with the area. I've been dedicating myself every day to contribute to the community by sharing my knowledge through articles.

I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Liber Capital, focusing on one of the company's key financial products, handling over 2 billion per month. I am involved in building cutting-edge applications to serve some of the leading companies in the country.

I've developed more than 100 projects for over 28 countries around the world, projects that earn more than 250 million dollars in revenue per month, and with more than 20 million users, for leading companies in the market like the Government of Brazil, UOL, Santander, Burger King, IBM, Heineken, HBO, BTG Pactual, United Nations, among others.

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Liber Capital (Fev 2023 - Present)

Senior Software Engineer

iClubs (Nov 2021 - Fev 2023)

Senior Software Engineer

UOL (Jun 2021 - Nov 2021)

Senior Software

Zappts (Jul 2019 - May 2021)

Senior Frontend Engineer

Romasoft (Nov 2018 - Jul 2019)

Junior Frontend Engineer

INPE (Jun 2018 - Nov 2018)

Fullstack Developer Intern

What people say about me

I worked with Vinnicius in two companies that I founded (Zappts & Coren), and I always liked him as a professional and a great person. Vinnicius is extremely committed to everything he does, is driven by the highest ethical standards, knows how to work very well in a team, knows how to meet the needs of customers, partners and stakeholders, and has great technical knowledge and skills. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend him!

Pablo Augusto, Founder & CEO at Coren

Vinni served as my technical mentor for a considerable time, and through him, I learned a great deal about becoming an outstanding Frontend developer. Thanks to his guidance, I gained exposure to various technologies, project structures, and acquired knowledge in just one year that would have taken me 4-5 years to learn on my own. The insights I gained were incredible and unforgettable, all thanks to him. As a result of his mentorship, I was able to advance from a Junior developer to a Full developer.

Jonatas De Oliveira Ferreira, Frontend Engineer at Coren

As Vinni's leader, I was fortunate to have his dedication, creativity, and intelligence on our team. His entrepreneurial mindset consistently brought innovative solutions and helped us think beyond limitations. Moreover, his collaboration and ability to work as a team were invaluable to our success at Receba. I confidently recommend Vinni to any company or project seeking someone dedicated, creative, and intelligent.

Livio França, Founder & CEO at Receba

I highly recommend Vinnicius for any senior frontend development role. With years of experience, Vinnicius has demonstrated exceptional technical skills in developing and delivering complex web applications. Vinnicius’s expertise in HTML, Javascript, ReactJS, CSS, microfrontends, BFFs has been invaluable in driving project success and delivering high-quality results. Vinnicius is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure project success and is always open to constructive criticism to continuously improve. I have no doubt that Vinnicius would excel in a technical leadership role or as a team manager. Vinnicius’s combination of technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills would be an asset to any organization. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any senior frontend development role and I am confident he will make a positive impact.

Rodrigo Bornholdt, Founder & CTO at Coren

I would recommend Vinnicius for many reasons but his one attribute that is above everyone else is his passion. He has been excited about coding since undergrad and does not seem to fade away. He gives it his all, finishes projects in a timely manner, polishes his code day and night, and always makes himself available. He is a valuable team player.

Mykhailo Hudzevatyi, Senior Frontend Developer at Think Company

An excellent professional! One of the things that caught my attention the most was his passion for his work. Always attentive to the latest developments, studious, and leading discussion forums to share his knowledge and news. When he joined the Coren team, he made a significant impact by restructuring the platform's architecture, raising the bar and the level of deliverables, often exceeding expectations with his high-quality and agile deliveries. A great mentor and team manager.

Guaraci Nakamura, Squad Leader at Coren

Vinnicius is an exceptional professional. Technically excellent in all aspects, from planning and implementation to operation. He possesses strong leadership skills. When we worked together, he joined with the mentioned profile, still developing his leadership abilities, which evolved rapidly and enabled him to overcome various challenges.

Tiago Miller, Product Owner at Embraer

Vinnicius is one of the most competent professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. Don't be fooled by his young age; he possesses the professionalism that any company would wish to have on its team, incredibly advanced technical knowledge in software development, and he is a great leader. During my time with Vinnicius at Coren, he was my supervisor and technical mentor, from whom I learned a great deal. I witnessed how much he values the development of the entire team. I highly recommend Vinnicius.

João Paulo, Frontend Developer at Coren

I had the great opportunity to work with Vinni, and he never ceased to amaze me! He consistently strived to apply best practices, collaborated closely with the quality team, and was always focused on delivering the best results. Even when faced with challenging deadlines, he continued to excel. On top of everything, Vinni maintained a positive relationship with the team, collaborating with everyone.

Carla Evaristo, Head of Quality & Process at Zappts

Although Vinnicius was with us for a short time, he consistently demonstrated competence and dedication, actively participating in the frontend development of two of our React projects. Exhibiting a strong profile in technical leadership, I highly recommend him.

Rodrigo Ferreira, General Manager of Software Engineering at UOL

I had the opportunity to work with Vinnicius on a major UOL project. Both as a professional and as a person, he exemplifies dedication and respect for his work.

Felipe Fernandes, Product Owner at UOL

Vinnicius is an excellent professional with extensive knowledge in React, consistently dedicated and eager to learn. We worked on projects for leading companies, and in all challenges, Vinni managed to deliver with exceptional quality. Without a doubt, he is a great professional.

Aline Lima de Paula, QA Engineer at CI&T

Vinnicius is a fantastic programmer with strong logical thinking and quick problem-solving skills. He possesses extensive knowledge of React. Vinnicius is highly qualified, dedicated, and studious. He collaborates effectively within a team and has consistently made efforts to help the team with various challenges.

Victor Vinícius, Senior Frontend Developer at ReclameAqui

About this website

This website was developed using Next.js as a framework, deployed with Vercel, styled using Styled Components, and with some components powered by the headless library Radix UI. All text is set in the Geist typeface. Additionally, it serves as a showcase for my projects, published articles, and primarily, my testing laboratory, where I experiment with various libraries and tools.

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